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A respected church deacon witnesses a male driver

pursuing a young female driver on Interstate 95 in Massachusetts.

The end result: the male driver is dead

and the deacon is in prison for the rest of his life.

Was justice served? Or was the driver the aggressor

and the deacon the victim?

You decide in this tension-filled true crime story.

"Striking that, though I knew the whole story and its conclusion, I remained riveted and completed 200 pages in two sittings, because I cannot sit still for very long. Interesting how self defense can be well-hidden by 'our system of justice.' Don's case is a billboard advertisement for such basic rights."

Bruce Krell, Attorney at Law

"How am I supposed to sleep after reading (practically in one sitting!) your book? Haunting stuff. So many layers of the unknown left to it. Good work.”

David Stevenson, Director and Professor

University of Alaska Anchorage MFA Program

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Donald Graham files for new trial.

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