Timely topic

The author manages to combine a memoir and travelogue into a true crime story that kept me up for three nights. This book appears at the perfect time when news stories such as Trayvon Martin's shooting and the Colorado Theater Massacre have us all debating the blurry line between self-defense and murder. It would make a great movie. Highly recommend.

Robert Hanlon, U.S. History Teacher

Riverside Middle School, East Providence, RI.

Outstanding True Crime

This is a first rate narrative of a killing on Interstate 95, that landed a man in prison for life and resulted in coining the phrase "road rage." In the decades following the incident, numerous situations have been labeled "road rage" where ordinary motorists somehow are overcome with inexplicable anger towards others on the road. In DEACON'S CROSSBOW, the author presents a most horrific description of a Deacon and his wife returning home from a dance only to encounter a threatening menace on the road who was unrelenting in his determination to cause trouble. The trouble he caused resulted in his being shot to death with a crossbow.

What follows is a high octane series of legal events leading to a conviction and sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole. DEACON'S CROSSBOW is so thoroughly and logically presented, that it could lead to a reopening of the case and subsequent justifiable release of the Deacon, who was himself victimized by senseless "road rage."

For anyone interested in justice, as well as aficionados of the genre, this book delivers to the last page. Highly recommended.

James Schiavone, West Palm Beach, FL


Just completed reading Deacon's Crossbow. Quite the compelling story with a fascinating ending. I have loads of questions. Highly recommend.

Larry Berk

Deacon's Crossbow

This is a tragic, gripping story about a homicide that occurred, initially due to road rage compounded by a seemingly simple miscommunication, but there is much more as the saga quickly unfolds. You keep reading expecting a remedy to be identified but - I'll leave it there. You will not put this book down!

Bill Coffey

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